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Jay Elaine

Stage Manager • Creative Director • Director • "On Deaf Ears"


Pompano Beach Cultural Center


February 2022-May 2023


Marketing Manager, Graphic Designer, Content Creator, Director, Stage Manager

Project type

Stage Play Production

In May 2023, I donned multiple hats for the production of "On Deaf Ears," an urban gospel stage play held at the Pompano Beach Cultural Center. Operating on a lean budget, I spearheaded efforts as a stage manager, director, marketing manager, and graphic designer - mastering the art of multitasking and resourcefulness. From the creative aspects of directing and graphic design to the meticulous organization required for stage management, I navigated diverse responsibilities, all while executing effective marketing strategies to ensure the play's success. This endeavor provided a comprehensive understanding of theater production processes, enriching my ability to optimize resources and thrive in high-pressure environments.

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