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What does your content look like for 2021?

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Unless you're just 100% disconnected from the world and live under a rock, you probably know what Clubhouse is. If not, Clubhouse is the new talk of the streets, the social media streets at least, it's an app designed to promote real life conversation with its drop-in audio conversation style feature. Basically, there are a bunch of "rooms" hosted by your friends or even your favorite influencers to allow you to join in on interesting topics.

One of my 2021 goal (Happy New Year by the way) is to open my mouth more and build a community of women entrepreneurs who share my same interest. Step one of achieving that goal was hosting a Clubhouse room, though this wasn't my first time hopping on a stage or hosting a was just something about this particular room that hit different! If you were there listening, you can attest to the vibes of that room, if not. You missed out!

But, as promised. I've compiled some information and resources we shared in that room and will drop them here, stick around to the end for some goodies and more information on some of the ladies who joined me on stage to share some insight on their experience as content creators.


The title of the room was "What is your content looking like for 2021?" I went over my 6-step process when creating content for not only myself but my clients as well. If you're looking to up your content game in 2021...keep reading!

1. What is your goal?

Before diving into recording, creating graphics, buying ads, and all the other things that go into content creation prep, you need to first figure out your goal! Every piece of content you create should have a goal, whether that be to educate, promote a sale or service, or to gain followers or greater engagement. What ever the goal is, keep that in mind!

2. What is your content style?

Now that you have a goal in mind, establishing your style should be pretty easy. Brainstorm how you want to present your content, how will it look? What format(s) will you create your content in? Be specific in the phase, especially if you're working with a graphic designer, photographer, or videographer. You want to already have a vision in mind!

3. What is your target audience?

You're probably thinking "Shouldn't I figure out my target audience before I determine my content style and the goal?" Yes you can, but here is why I don't. Your goal for your content and how you want it to look will tell you exactly who your target audience is. Remember, you should already have your main target audience established anyways, especially if you're running a business that offers a service or product. Let me further explain.

I'll use my own brand as an example. I know my target audience is women, ages 18-34, interested in entrepreneurship, content creating, they're probably big on their faith, their craft, doing things on a budget, and a few other key points. Within my main target audience I have many other audiences, all with different styles and preferences with how they like to consume content. For some campaigns, I may only focus on my avid YouTube watchers and for other content campaigns I may focus on those who rather surf the gram. Makes sense?

4. Plan it out.

Now it's time to put the pedal to the metal. Begin to plan out your content. Write your scripts if you'll be recording videos. Pull out your looks if you're going to be getting some shots. Hire a videographer if you plan to get some BTS. What ever the style of content you've decided to deliver this go around, plan it out. You also want to decide what platforms/media you'll be pushing your content out on, the days, and what times. Check your analytics on all platforms to help you determine what days and time will be best to publish your content.

5. Create it.

Pretty self-explanatory. Now it's time to create your content. Take your time, give yourself enough time to get ready, set up equipment, and even edit and post before actually publishing. Most of all don't forget to have fun! This should be something you enjoy doing, if it isn't, its probably because you went into it without having a plan.

6. Schedule & Publish.

Now that you have your content locked and loaded, ready to go. Use your favorite scheduler for social media, or if you're old school, pull out your candle and schedule your content to post.

Once its published, your work isn't done. Promote your content, engage with your audience, and then pat yourself on your back. Because you're done, for now at least. Don't get too comfortable, soon it will be time to do it all over again!


Some tools and resources to check out:

• Over - editing content & creating graphics, find it in the app store!

• Adobe Spark - Creating graphics for social media, find it in the app store! - Compose high-performing audience-based copy in seconds. - online learning platform filled with courses on almost any and every topic (especially Facebook ads)


Pretty simple, right? Creating content doesn't have to be a daunting task! Use what you have, plan accordingly, and just do it!

Still feeling a little uneasy about creating content worth consuming? No worries, I have 2 options for you.

If you're like me, a people person and hands on learner, let's link! You can book a link up with me (Jay Elaine). A 4-hour intensive content strategy and creation session. Click here for more information.

or, if you're more of a "DIY-er" and you're pretty confident about establishing your own strategy and creating your own content and just need a little push. Check the "I love the gram: Insta101" course, showing you how to create content right from your phone. USE CODE: CH2021 FOR 50% OFF UNTIL JANUARY 9TH, 2021


Shout out to:

Jasmine @imthereasonwhy | Business Developer and Brand strategist for gracing us with her presence! More about Jasmine here.

Dom @thewritersblockpro | The founder of The Writer's Block Pro for being a light and showing the girls how it's to be done! More about Dom here.

Cierra @missthrilla | Lead designer, founder, owner, and ceo of ThrillaSeven, I'm sure you've seen her float your TL for her authenticity and gowns! More about Cierra here.


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