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YOUR CONTENT SUCKS...and you know it.

But it doesn't have to. We've all heard the saying "content is king" and we're all looking for our knight in shinning armor! You're fighting the algorithm, you're fighting inconsistency, you're fighting imposter syndrome, you're fighting comparing yourself to other content creators and's time to put the boxing gloves down, sis. Content is vital to establishing a successful on and off-line presence. Great content not only helps promote a service, product, or even yourself, but it provokes emotion, establishes relationship through relatability, and is actually worth consuming.


Link up with Jay Elaine & other creatives for an intensive 4-hour content strategy & creation session! Together we will figure out why your content sucks by dissecting your current strategy (or establishing one if you don't have one) and creating content that your confident about publishing.

we should link if...

You have a hard time posting consistently

Your audience isn't relating to your content

You've been paying for Canva Pro but only used it twice

Coming up with content ideas is hard for you

You're having a hard time creating content for multiple platforms

You've been using the same headshot since 2015

You're not creating because you don't have the equipment you think you need

what to expect for our link up

Having someone all up in your business

To be pushed to your fullest potential

Leave feeling confident

To be hyped all 4 hours 

Create content worth consuming

To create a plan & learn to stick to it


in one of these three major cities

Dallas, Texas


Miami, Florida


Atlanta, Georgia



Go over the process of content curating

Define the goals of your content strategy

Determine your target audience

Identify your content style

Determine your most popular platforms

Create a calendar for consistent posting

Create 7 days of content


you Probably have some questions,huh?

  • How does Real Jay Elaine Studios LLC. collects their payments?
    All payments made to Real Jay Elaine Studios LLC. (Get Branded co, That Girl, inc. Bizy Boss Academy, P.s. I love me too, Podcast) are collected through multiple mediums. Square Cash App Zelle Invoice Cash All methods are safe and all methods will recieve a receipt for proof of transaction.
  • Does Real Jay Elaine Studios LLC. offer refunds, returns, or exchanges?"
    Get Branded Co. Due to the nature of the work, Get Branded co. DOES NOT offer refunds of any kind unless otherwise decided on by Get Branded co. The only reasons for the issue of refunding agreed on by GBC is if a project can not be completed. Deposits for websites and brand packages are NON-REFUNDABLE Any PRE-MADE DESIGNS are NON-REFUNDABLE with Get Branded co. _______ Real Jay Elaine Studios LLC. does not offer refunds of any kind on classes, merchandise, digital products, etc. We will only offer exchanges on certain appereal merchandise if the mistake is made on Real Jay Elaine Studios' behalf. NO REFUNDS! We strive to provide a high quality service and product at all times.
  • What are is my turnaround time for my Plastered Media project?
    All turnaround times vary and are specific to each design/package. Turnaround times are specified in all description boxes and will be notified before any large project or package. Turnaround times are based on business days only and exclude all major holidays. Your turnaround time does not begin until the following business day. (ei. You placed an e-flyer order on Tuesday morning, your 3-day turnaround time does not begin until Wednesday morning at 10am [our start of day time] All rushed order require an additional fee, weekends and holidays are excluded for rush orders. Rush orders only apply for business days during Plastered Media's Business hours.
  • How can I get in contact with Real Jay Elaine Studios LLC.?
    The best way to contact Real Jay Elaine Studios LLC. is via email: Get Branded Co. Bizy Boss Academy That Girl, inc. P.S. I love me too The Podcast Real Jay Elaine Please allow up to 24-48hrs for a reply to all emails. We also allow text at (561) 463-3933 this method is best for quick inquiries and questions. Please DO NOT call Real Jay Elaine Studios LLC. unless otherwise scheduled. All unscheduled calls will be forward to an automated voice answering machine to allow the client/customer to leave a messgae and recieve a reply via email.
  • What are Real Jay Elaine Studios LLC. operating times?
    We are open and active: Monday - Friday from 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM EST Any time after our stated operating times we considered CLOSED!
  • How do I check the status of my project with Plastered Media?
    All website and design suite clients will be given logins for a client portal to allow them to check the progress of a project, this is usually done for clients with a turnaround time of 14 business days and more. Otherwise Get branded Co. operates on a Do Not Disturb policy! If you are still in the specified turnaround time for your project please do not fret if you do not recieve an update DURNING that period, if you do not hear from any member of Get Branded Co. after your turn around time and still have not recieved your revisions or files, please contact us by email. If under any circumstances we are unable to render or services within the correct turnaround time we will notify our client via email.
  • "I placed an order for a digital product and haven't recieved it!""
    All products labeled as a digital product is emailed to the email addressed used during check for immediate download AFTER the payment has be approved and processed. We suggest downloading your digital ptoduct immediately after recieving to avoid any files download links expiring. There are NO REFUNDS for digital products.
  • I was qouted a custom price, how long do I have access to that price?"
    You have 15 days after the inital price was quoted to still have access to that price. After 15 days a new quote is to be requested, it is strictly Get Branded Co's decision to hnor the original price or quote a new price after 15 days. We reserve the right to change the price of any service or notification without a notice.
  • I placed an order with Get Branded Co., where do I send my information to complete it?"
    Send all your information for graphic design orders to Get Branded Co,, be sure to include your first and last name that your ordered with. And only send one email as not to confuse the designers! Please only send high quality images and a logo in .PNG format!
Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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